The lamb in the darkness

This is a story I wrote out on a sheet of paper during a prayer night we had with Quest here in Trondheim last year.

Before this, this concept had been revolving around in my head, even today it appears in my thoughts at times. I really wish I had the tools, knowledge and time required to be able to make small animated movie out of it. Had I been better at drawing lions and lambs, I probably would have drawn some scenes from this a long time ago (although I did attempt to make a painting of this scene at CSM last year.)

The lamb in the darkness

There is a lamb in the darkness. Far away from its flock, far away from its mother. In the darkness it have wandered, stumbling, hitting unseen things, falling and tripping.

Now a barb wire has ensnared him. Trying to get loose, the lamb managed to break its own leg. The lamb is desperate, crying (well bahing) for help. But who in this darkness can help him?

There is a shepherd, looking, searching for the lost lamb. The lamb is crying, but does it know it can shout for help from the shepherd? The lamb shouts.

The shepherd hears a sound in the darkness. A familiar sound. A very welcome sound. A sound not heard for way too long a time. The shepherd runs towards the lamb.

The lamb lies there in the darkness. Lonely. Crying. Hopeless. Then he sees a light in the darkness. Coming closer. Growing. The lamb is frightened; it does not know what this is. An enemy?

The shepherd is running. The lamb first sees him as a shining lion. Great, terrible and awesome: a lion of light. Then he sees the shepherd, THE SHEPHERD!

The shepherd arrive the lamb, but see… the lamb is no lamb, but a wounded man. The Shepherd, Christ, seem to be shining, and a shining hand reaches out towards the man. And as he touches it, it is as if some speckles of lights shoot out.

Other lambs, bright as snow, shining. They too are men. Some of them pray for the lost lamb, others tell and teach him about the shepherd. As they pray, the lost lamb is healed, the barb wire falls off.

The lost lamb starts shining. Brighter and brighter. The blood on its wool, from injuries and scratches, fades away. It is as bright as the other lambs. It joins them, and the speckles of shining lambs join the shepherd flock, following their shepherd.

Towards the next lost lamb. Where is he? Where is she?

The end? Nope, the story goes on and on until Jesus’ return.

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