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He sees you!

He sees you!


Last sunday when I was attending my church service, during the worship and information part of the service, I got this image of a light house with an “eye light” on. At the same time the words “He sees you!” was looping in my mind to the point I had to first draw the image and then write a sort of “poem” (not sure if this could be called that) or at least some words on this topic on a sheet of paper I had. It was confirmed to me by the fact that my pastor talked (among other things) about how God sees you in a loving way.

He sees you - Drawing

He sees you

He sees you when you do evil,
when you think only of yourself,
when you put yourself in front of the others.
He sees you, and cries for you.

He sees you when you do good,
when you think of the others,
when you put the others in front of yourself.
He sees you, and smiles with you.

He sees you when you are lonely,
when you cry,
when you are in sorrows,
when you are… desperate for… something.
He sees you and reach out his arms to you
to give you what you need.

He sees you when you are happy,
when you are in a party mood and celebrate
when you laught,
when you play, when you dance.
He sees you and celebrates with you.

He sees you, allways.
He see you because he loves you.
He sees your worst and your best.
He sees you better than you do yourself.
He sees you and value you highly.
He sees you and sees
what he have created you to be.
He sees your true SELF!

He sees you!
What a freedom it is,
when HE sees you.
He sees you in averything,
you cannot hide anything for Him.

He sees you behind your masks.
He sees you behind your walls.
He sees you behind everything
you hide yourself behind.
He SEES you!

He sees you and loves you.
He sees you and wants
you everything good.

Some comments

Later the same day I saw the drawing again and the card was partially covered, so I only saw the tower part of the light house. This reminded me about the eye of “Sauron” in Lord of the rings. Some people DO think that’s how God sees people: Like an overlord looking for every fault in you, ready to punish you for every one of them. But what they fail to see, is that the eye of the lord is allways looking at you with a loving eye. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes even angry, yes, but allways loving. Like a father or mother sees uppon their own children. Even in their anger, they will allways love their children.

I pray that the people that today think of the fact that God sees them more like as if Sauron was seeing them, that they one day (soon) will see the rest of the picture. That God’s “tower” is the tower of a light house. And that the eye seeing them is an loving eye, wanting to see them into safety. That just because of this everseeing eye, they can feel safe and know that God will lead them into a safe harbour.

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”
Genesis 16:13